(solved, normal)Android DSP Staying On?

Hi all,
Attached is a screenshot. Why is the music I’m sending to my phone being upsampled 44.1 to 48 even though DSP is disabled for the zone?

I think Android upsamples (and down samples) everything to 48 from memory. It seems to be a common complaint on the forums for people.
Darko mentioned it in last week’s video as well

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Thank you! I’ll go check that out.

No problem, I have always read this without understanding what it means.
It sounds like unless you have an LG phone then you have the limitation as it is part of the audio stack.

The Darko video (Android v iOS) is a good YouTube watch

Or you use a player which has its own audio stack in Android, like UAPP among a lot of others.

Nothing to see here. Roon use Androids audio stack so it will resample to the default rate the OS says it supports. For most this is 48/24 but some DAPS its higher or lower. It used to use Android to do the resampling as it natively does this but it was very bad for performance. There are only a few that bypass this quirk of Android, whilst TIdal and Qobuz will just pass through and lets the OS deal with it so work on DAPS that bypass system audio resampling.