SOLVED: Preserving "Date Added" when moving music files?

I’m experimenting with moving my music files from a NAS to an SSD on my core machine. I rely on “Date Added” to remind me of recent additions to my library. Unfortunately, it seemed to be totally lost when I switched to the new copy of the music files. Is there a way to preserve the original import dates?

Note: The SSD copy of my music files was done with Synology USB Copy, which unfortunately does not preserve file creation date/time by default. I could redo the copy with something else that preserves creation dates (rsync if I can make it happen between Synology and an Ubuntu Server core without too much delay), but it would only make sense if Roon took note of those dates in setting “Date Added.”

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“Date added” is the added to the library date, not the files created date… therefore, by default, a new filename = a new library add.

Though it’s possible to use the IMPORTDATE tag to force the import date. See this Knowledge base article and scroll down to Import Dates for further details.

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There are Roon’s options. I always use touch before introducing files into my library so file mod time works for me. My tagger is set to preserve mod time.


Thank you for the advice, the track import options are doing exactly what I needed after I used cp with the right flags to preserve file creation dates.