SomaFM - Significant decrease in (now playing) song details

I listen to Space station Soma a lot. Before the most recent update(s), I would say 9/10 tracks played would have fulll details presented - album, versions, for example. Since the most recent update, this has dropped to say 1/10. Belfast by Orbital has just played - nothing! It is in my collection and available on both Tidal and Qobuz.

I will say that when a track is fully identified, the info presented is excellent. It is just that it is not as available as it was before the most recent update(s).


Hello @nimrod61, I’ve just checked the streams to confirm the metadata was being correctly extracted, so something may have changed with Roon’s metadata servers, although I don’t know of anything.

I’ll make enquiries for you, in the meantime please monitor and let me know if it changes.


No changes - still very poor compared to some months ago.


Sorry to hear that. I did ask, but haven’t heard back yet. I think they’re pretty busy at the moment but I will try a gentle reminder…

No songs at all have been identified for the past few days. Not a single one. Methinks something is (now?) broken.

It seems so. See