Some advice on improving a Roon set-up

Hi Roon and all.

I am looking for some advice on improving a set-up.

Currently I use Roon exclusively with TIDAL
I run Roon Core on a Macbook Pro 2015, and use 3 other Macbook Pros (2013-15) as remotes.
For ease, and controllability, I run the Macbook Core off ethernet then…
Connect to the main hi-fi - running a USB from MAC to an OPPO-HA-2 DAC which is then linked by good quality composite connection to a DENON AVR1911 AV RECEIVER powering a new set of Tannoy DCT6 SE floor standers.
My target for investment is a new amp to improve the sound quality of my system and get the best out of the speakers.
My question is therefore around the most efficient, and best sound quality option of getting Roon library to any new amp - it will be a potentially high end AV AMP (1000-1500 pounds) and as the system serves a 7.1 set-up for film, it has to be a good musically performing receiver over a good stereo amp.
I don’t understand streaming protocols but research into leading receivers from Pioneer/Marantz/Denon indicate streaming/ethernet capability.
While I don’t mind the OPPO-HA2 DAC and Mac set-up to hi-fi, if an amp can take the steam and process internally through a SABRE DAC - and potentially take out the need for a hi-end laptop being tied to the hi-fi then that would be great.

I am also eagerly anticipating ROON speakers which may free up just what Macbook Pro has to be where.

All ideas, set-ups, hardware, connections, routes to best sound quality from ROON most welcome.

Thank you.

I would suggest that you wait. To be an actual network endpoint, the hardware kit will most likely need to have the Roon software embedded, otherwise you are at the same place you are now. Currently, the only networked endpoint is the Meridian equipment. If squeezebox support gets added then a squeezebox can serveras the network endpoint for you, but most of them are limited to 24/96.

When the Roon streaming audio SDK gets released to their hardware partners you will then see “RoonReady” equipment coming to market. Will they add it back into existing equipment? Who knows. that is why I suggest waiting.


Hi Daniel

Being somewhat new to computer audio - I need some advice and you seem like you can give it.

Keen - and maybe over eager to invest - would a Meridian MS200 at 500 be giving me anything as an endpoint in the current set-up that would justify the outlay? Is it even meant to be wired to an amp (through digital output) or am I way off the mark? I’ve also come across some question marks over reliability on the forum. I am way way behind the curve on this stuff compared to some of the hi-end systems being built on here - but I am being somewhat seduced by the idea it could in some way serve two pieces of the jigsaw, be a network point so I can stream music to the hi-fi without strapping a Core Mac to the system, and in some way improve the musical performance I am getting putting a Mac with an OPPO DAC in the chain.

There’s then the original question of wanting to go and get a bigger, better amp - hit me with any advice you can give me here too if you can be bothered. I would genuinely be grateful for an education I am struggling to piece together from reading various strands.

Many thanks in advance