Some albums just won’t play


I’m using a RP3b with a justboom digi hat. Connected over Ethernet and outputting via coax into my CD players DAC. My Roon core sits on my windows 10 desktop at the moment.

Streaming with Qobuz. 99% of the time music is playing just fine. The other 1% it looks like the track is playing but all I hear is static. The tracks that don’t play are absolutely consistent. This is over multiple reboots, both of RoopieeeXL and the Core and even days.

Some of the tracks I can’t play are most Foo Fighters. The albums Wasting Light and In Your Honor don’t work. Sound garden Down on the Upside.

I have several other zones connected to my Roon Core and the tracks work fine. They will even play on my iPad which I’m using for a remote.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Just to be sure: you have set your max sample rate to 44.1? This is based on my assumption that your CD DAC can’t handle higher sample rates.

Thanks @spockfish . I’m away from home for couple of nights now. So will look into when I get back. I gather that’s a setting on the RoPieee rather than the Core?

The CD player is a Roksan K3 Di. It has a PCM 1730E DAC onboard which looks like it can handle sampling rates between 10khz up to 200khz. I’m a noob at this digital audio stuff so not sure how that affects things.


It’a a setting on the Roon side.

Just curious, why use a Justboom Digi hat and restrict your output to 44/16? There are many inexpensive DACs out there that will take input from the Justboom and can handle any range of formats you need, including the Foo Fighters albums that are 192/24.

It looks like the K3 CD Di is capable of handling anything up to 24/192.

TBH, I thought that Roon took care of all the intricacies of various audio formats and “just works” with most hardware.

Well, it does when it knows about the endpoint. It can’t do that with a COAX connection (it can only do this with USB), so in this case you need to tell it what the capabilities are of your endpoint. Roon then will take action in case you play a format that can’t be handled directly by your endpoint.

Thanks again @spockfish I’m sorry if I’m a bit slow at getting this.

That makes sense about the coax connection. What I don’t still understand is why there’s a problem when I’m trying to stream 192khz samples. The Digi hat is 192 capable. My CD player is 192 capable. Is it a R Pi 3 issue?

As you suggested @spockfish lowering the sample rate fixed the problem for me. Thank you.

If that worked then something in your chain is NOT 24/192 capable no matter what the specs might say.
Or that would be my assumption from the information so far.