Some albums of Qobuz not shown in Roon

The album Songbird of Eva Cassidy does show up in Qobuz, but does not show up in Roon on a Mac as well as on an iPhone while other albums in Qobuz do show up in Roon.
Filters are off.

What to do?

Roon Optimized Core Kit vs 2.0 (build 1128) on a Nuc
Roon (on a Mac) vs 2.0 (build 1128)
Roon (iPhone) vs 2.0 (build 1127)

Roon Nucleus with Windows 10 control device.

You are indeed a lucky man @Jim_F

Here in Oz I can only get Eva Cassidy on Tidal, but I ditched Tidal last week and unfortunately Eva was a major casualty.

Could well be a DRM region issue, but the following is the only result for me on Qobuz…


Not sure how this could be a DRM problem if it does show and play in Qobuz.
Also, other albums of Eva that are only on Qobuz and not in another part of the collection available to Roon do show up.
Also: Songbird 20 does show up. This is a different version with for instance track 10 taking either 5:00 minutes or 4:25 on the different albums (apart from the extra tracks on the Songbird 20 version.

By the way: I am in The Netherlands, Europe. Anyone else in The Netherlands where the album does show and play in Roon from Qobuz?

By the way: also on iPad (Roon vs 2.0 (build 1127) the album does not show up in Roon.

Roon has grouped the two versions of the Songbird album together.

@Verver what I showed from Roon is pretty much what also shows on my Qobuz as well. A couple of songs on compilations extra. Not one of her more well known albums.

Not every region seems to get access to all available albums from an artist. Certainly has been the scenario for me a couple of times.

I can’t think of any other reason as to why that would be the case?? If anyone from @support or @Qobuz knows the exact reason that would be great if you could share.

Thanks Geoff, I suspected something like the grouping but could not find that it did. But how to ungroup those? I can’ find a setting how to undo that? “General/Browsing preferences/Show hidden tracks and albums” is on yes, so that does not help.

By the way: disabled Qobuz and logged in again.
Also cleared the image cache.
Just in case this would do something with the grouping.

No it wouldn’t. Discography groupings (of non-Library content) are determined server-side. If you have an album for that artist – local or streaming – then things can be different.

Hey @joel Any reason why no access to any of her albums on Qobuz here in Australia??

Probably regional licensing - the record labels have a habit of doing that…

Thanks @Geoff_Coupe can’t do much about it, but seems so outdated in todays digital world. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Hi Joel,

Thanks. I went along to add the earlier version to the library and then indeed it showed in Roon (don’t remember if the Songbird 20 version showed as well in the discography).
Then I added the Songbird 20 version as well to the library. Now the Songbird 20 version is shown again and the Songbird version is no longer shown.
So this seems to indicate that you can only indicate 1 “preference” to be be shown. By the way, as the albums differ in amount of tracks, the question is what the criteria are for grouping.
The “ungroup” as well as the “make primary” button are greyed out. Anyway how I could activate them or is this only
when they are in my local library (NAS etc.) and not
when ((both?) provided on a streaming service and in my Roon library)?
I made the Songbird album my favorite: this also didn’t change which one is shown (MacBook and iPad)