Some files aren't importing into Roon

Just to wake this thread up, I just now realized I have this issue as well, I took a screenshot of the files in the folder where Roon is set to look for my music. Has a solution been found yet?

edit: Roon says it has imported 4310 tracks, Folder Properties says there are 4683 files in that folder.

This is in Manjaro Linux (Arch based distro) with a KDE Plasma Desktop environment.

Hello @Jason_Carle2, there are a few reasons why certain files might not be imported, but have you checked skipped files to see if anything shows up?

Yes, that was the very first thing I checked. It said there were 0 (ZERO) files skipped.

Ok, so… new update. Roon isnt just not importing some albums, its DELETING them from its library.

Yesterday, this number was 1965 albums. It is removing albums on my HDD where the library is stored…


And the files I noticed this with today, in place on the HDD


Hello @Jason_Carle2, are all the files being removed .aiff? What happens if you convert them to FLAC?

Yes, all the files in my library are in AIFF format, except I think 2 mp3 albums that aren’t available in any other format.

If I move the files out of the folder, and then re-add them, Roon recognizes them. I don’t know what happens if I convert them to FLAC, but I can find out.

Thank you for the reply.

So I converted it to FLAC and Roon saw them, and at that moment Roon also saw the AIFF files…

Also, I switched to Ubuntu 20.04 in the meantime, for other reason than this problem, and the problem continued to the new OS.

Hello @Jason_Carle2, could you please share some more information about your setup including your core specs and network infrastructure? Also, is the HDD you mentioned inside the core or separate?