Some FLAC files does not play

Hi, playing through some of the FLAC files in my library, and find that some of my files don’t play. Roon just skips them. However, these same files play fine using Logitech media server and hqplayer. Any ideas? Thanks, hammer

Roon may have determined them to be corrupt. If you look at the track listing there will be a little red corrupt by the track. I had one track from hdtrack showing corrupt. I used dbPoweramp to convert flac to flac and it corrected any isssues.

Yeah, same here – had some .wav files that Roon would not import. Used foobar to convert from .wav to .wav and then they were fine.

@mike, if we can get ahold of these files, maybe we can take a look?

In my case, Roon simply ignored the track – it did not appear in Roon at all

I still have a .wav file that I could not import – how can I get the file to you to test with?