Some glithcing using HifiBerry DigiPro +

Evening room forum,

Had a pi4 and this hat for a couple weeks now and been loving it l, but today I’m getting a strange quirk where maybe 0.5 a second at the start of each track is cutting out. I’ve had it happen once during a song also, but it mostly seems to be right at the beginning.

Anyone else had this issue? I’m running coax out to a Yamaha RXA-1050 and everything seems to be fine on that end.

Nothing has ever stopped playing or anything so it’s a minor inconvenience, but figured I’d see if anyone else has come across this.

Edit: just noticed something that may impact this. The album I’m currently listening to has a few different bitrates. Could the changing cause this?

Are you using WiFi or wired?

You could try DSP upsampling options to fix the rate for all content to one rate.