Some Greg Kihn missing in Tidal

Greg Kihns two first albums are missing in Tidal and also his just released Rekihndled. They are available on Spotify. I wonder why. Makes me wonder when Spotify lossless will come and if it will be incoporated with Roon. That way I will also happily miss out on endless hiphop plugging.

Because access is based on contracts and some contracts are exclusive. Not sure I’d count on Spotify to keep all the content either. Their license agreements are coming up and I"ll bet you willl see more holes in Spotify content.

Those Greg Kihn albums were never released on CD. I own the Vinyl, but trying to find anything other than mp3 for purchase is impossible.

This is why I wish Apple would start selling lossless.

I have the Vinyls to. But no turntable:yum: