Some icons, inside Roon's "Albums" page visualization on monitor, some times disappeared definitively, and black boxes appear at their places

I own a streamer/converter from MERGING, mod. Merging + Player with integrated PC NUC with proprietary MERGING operating system (very similar to Rock), with data network connection to a NAS where the music archive resides.

Both to me and to a friend who has the same my device, it has happened more than once that after turning it on and starting the Roon application, opening the page with the display of the “Albums” icons, some icons relating to some of the latest added albums, were no longer visible (previously they were regularly visible), while in their place there are black boxes.

I add that clicking on these icons Roon opens the selected album regularly, showing in full screen both the cover and all the other information; moreover the album is regularly reproduced musically. When this think happens, no other problems arise in the functioning of Roon.

To solve this problem and to restore the correct display of the icons, it has NO effect to carry out any of the following operations, as after the problem it always recurs the same as before:

  1. change the display of the cover in “Edit Album” function, for example replace the cover included in the local file with the cover downloaded from internet by Roon, and vice versa;

  2. have Roon re-scan, re-analyze and re-identify the offending albums;

  3. physically turn off and on the server with Roon application, or re-start Roon again;

  4. physically and completely delete from the archive (NAS) the folders containing the offending albums, and then have Roon scan the entire archive again, after which delete all the files no longer present into his library with the "Clean library " function. Then, add the previously deleted albums back to the archive (NAS), and finally have Roon run a new scan of the archive to update it. The result is that the icons of those albums (and always only the icons, and not the full screen covers which are always correctly displayed), and always only the same ones of the same albums, always remain invisible.

It seems that the Roon database, even if its library is cleaned after physically deleting those albums whose icons did not appear, continues to keep those corrupted data even after the operation of the new restore on the archive (NAS).

To validate the above, when the command to update the database is given, Roon NO longer scans those files to create again the traces of the dynamic spectrum, which however are regularly present because these tracks are those obtained from the previously original scans, before the appearance of the problem.

The only possible way to solve this strange problem is the restoring of a previous and working backup of the database created before adding the offending albums, then letting Roon update it again. At this point all the icons reappear and everything continues to work regularly.

Can Roon’s support staff, or someone who has encountered and resolved this problem, help me resolve it?


Hi @Maurizio_Russo1 and welcome to the forum. I’m not Room support, just a fellow user. This post might help you:

Besides clearing the image cache, you could also try to reduce the memory for photos/artwork in settings->setup.

Hi, Carl,
thank you about your answer.

Unfortunately I did not check what you suggest, and now I just restored last working backup and problem has been solved.

If I will have again this problem, cache canceling will be the first operation I will do.

My best

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Hi, Arlen,

thank you about your answer.

I did not check what you suggest, but if I will have same problems in future I will follow also your suggestion.

Now I just solved problem restoring last working backup, but this solution I don’t like, and I prefer to find a easy solution.

The best solution should be roon’s software developers will find to repair this bag.

Mi best regards