Some issues with Roon App and Roon on MacOS

I have the following problems in using and configuring Roon. I tried to contact the support, they did not answer me but informed me that I have to contact this forum.
My hardware: Macbook 8/256 SSD, USB Drive 1TB with 500 GB of FLAC music. Connection using USB to a PS Audio Direct stream DAC. iPad Air 2 16GB with the Roon App. All software and OS updated to newest available version.

  1. Although installed and activated, Roon does not find music the iTunes library. I am using Apple Music as well as iTunes Match. Do the files have to me downloaded from the iCloud to be seen from Roon?
  2. When I click on “Discover” on the iPad after clicking on an artist, album, label ecc. nothing is displayed. I have to restart the App, then it works again. This happens often.
  3. I would like to transfer the FLAC files from the external USB drive to a newer, silent external SSD drive. Do I loose all my changes (e.g. custom metadata, custom album cover, etc)? Where are the settings regarding the file structure saved
  4. I have created several playlists, however they are only displayed as track lists. Iwould like to have the playlists displayed as covers - how can I do this?

Hi Rene,

Thanks for describing your system and the issues, it should greatly assist the Support devs (@mike and @vova) to work out 1 and 2. They will be in touch shortly as they read this Support forum every day.

I can help with 3 and 4.

There are three levels of metadata in Roon. Firstly the file tags in your FLAC files, secondly any tags or edits you make in Roon and thirdly metadata provided by third party providers when an album is identified (Allmusic). You can tell Roon what metadata to prefer for an album or batch of albums.

This FAQ will guide you as to how to shift files and best preserve your edits, cover art etc. The links from it will tell you where the Roon database is located, but it may be that you are not shifting the database if you are just moving your music files.

Playlists in Roon don’t currently support cover display but it is coming. Brian2 is currently working on playlist design and has requested user input here.

Hope the above helps, the Support devs should be along soon regarding the other issues.

Yes, Roon is only going to be able to import local files. The iTunes database gives us a list of what to import, but unfortunately we don’t get access to streams or files in Apple’s cloud.

Is there any pattern for when this happens? After sleep? After rebooting/restarting your Core?

We found a bug here recently, so I’m guessing the issue you’re having is already resolved for our 1.2 release, but if you can give me some clear steps for triggering your issue (not always easy, I know), I can confirm this is fixed.

Thanks @Rene_R_Wenzel!

Thank you andybob for you reply. I guess that if I just move the FLAC files from one drive to another leaving roon on the same Macbook, there should be no differences, right?

Hi mike
Thank you!
I will try to reproduce the issue!
Re iTunes: if I download the files in iTunes which are in Apple Music will I be able to listen them? Or does Roon only see purchased music?
Regards René