Some kind of a bonus program for long time subscribers?

Even I am a lifetimer myself, I am interested in this and I am not sure if this was already discussed. If so, please move my post accordingly.

In the " Upcoming change to Roon subscription prices (January 1st, 2023)" thread one can (quite often?) read that long time annual subscribers do not feel appreciated by Roon for their long time commitment.

What do you think?
Do you think this would be only “fair” that they get somekind of a bonus from Roon? e.g. a percentage of reduction when going lifetime for each full year they have subscribed?
or savings on a Nucleus?
or do you think, why? they have paid for a service and that’s it. I also do not get a bonus from my landlord because I pay regularly my rent, on time!

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The tension between a community-supported project, and a full-blown commercial product. Roon has some elements of both. Like most things that live between two well-understood categories, it suffers by comparison with each, though it also gets benefits from each. What you suggest isn’t utterly crazy as a way of addressing this tension, but I’m not sure as a pure pricing approach it would really be profitable - it would just perhaps leave a slightly better taste in some people’s mouth. And there, I think, is the answer - how much do team Roon want to think of this as a community endeavor in addition to the commercial software it so obviously is.

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What is about Roon that makes some subscribers feel this? Seems quite unique for a software company if it is the case. I don’t see any benefits for Roon in offering this.

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May be to encourage long time subscriber to keep going?
Making customers feeling good about what they are doing is always positive for the brand Roon. Not so happy customers not so much.

Roon has no effective competition. There are literally dozens of companies out there that offer some of what Roon can do. None offer all of what it does. Roons focus will be underlying subscription trends. If they remain positive then there is no need for little gimmicks to try to keep customers happy and loyal. The product should do that by itself.


I hate it when people think they are “owed” something. We paid for Roon lifetime. In return, we got Roon lifetime. I also hate when people talk about “what’s fair.” Fair is getting what you paid for, nothing more, nothing less. This is the age of entitlement.


It’s the same with mobile phone contracts: long time subscribers often miss out on deals to attract new customers/switchers, it’s the nature of the beast.

When I go to my local pizza place, every time I order a pizza there I get a tick on my customer card and when I have bought 10 pizzas I get the next one for free.
All ten pizzas were great for the price I had to pay and I do not feel at all to be entitled to anything, but I am happy about my next free pizza and like this pizza place, maybe even a little more than other pizza places which do not have a customer card system.

P.S. Still looking for a pizza place with a lifetime pizza flatrate. :slight_smile:

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Would you feel the same about it if every pizza was simply 10% cheaper?

I guess not, because it does not feel like a reward for being a loyal return customer.
Psychologically it would also feel better if the price would be 10% higher in order to finance such a bonus system. :wink:

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Lifetimer get every time a bonus when they get a „free“ upgrade when they are past the break even point for subscribers.

We paid for that.

So it could be for Roon as with the pizza place.
Your are a subscriber for ten years now, so your eleventh year is for free. Why not?

Roon has to live and be able to supply even more great functions. Therefore they need money. So many people just see it as a egoistic way to get cheaper or better deals.

A great solution would be to increase Roons income by i.e. adding a new yearly subscriber (friend) and then get a percentage of your own next invoice. Everybody gets happy and Roon can grow and live on!

Yep, that is also a possibility for a bonus program, but does not reflect an appreciation of long time subscriber.
But from the reactions so far, it seems this is not a relevant “issue” (for sure for Roon) for the user base which is active in this forum.

There was such a deal set up for recommending a friend. Don’t know if it still exists.

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It still exists - go to your account page on the Roon Labs website