Some Kind of Overlay to see what you're listening to and whats next in a corner of the screen

Just some kind of little taskbar overlay in the bottom of the screen showing whats up next and whats playing.

What you need is already here … just click on View Queue.

I mean an overlay over other programs in the corner.

Do you mean some sort of mini-player type window which can be moved around the screen; or should the Roon Taskbar entry show what is playing/next?

A mini-player type window in the corner of the screen. If I get time later I’ll make a mockup design in photoshop.

@Anthony_B this is what I mean Of course that’s a very basic mockup, but you should get the idea

Ok thanks, your mention of the task bar was confusing (as it is possible to have things displayed in the taskbar when an app is running, or pop-up when hovered over). A mini player just like iTunes or VLC have then, freely moveable to where you want it. Here is a VLC version from my Mac:

Yes! Or a tool bar icon in Mac that can drop down. Frustrating, esp when playing shuffle in the office controlling from my Mac desktop to have to constantly open and close windows to see what’s playing or up next.

The new Plexamp app does a nice job of this. A mini player that unobtrusively floats around the screen. That would be awesome.

This has come up before …