Some local albums not showing on Artist page

I noticed when on an Artist page, select Discography, then Local Album icon, some of my local albums are missing.

For example, If I go to Billy Joel, Discography, I can see my local SACD versions of some of the albums

But when I then select the Local Library icon next to Focus, the local SACD versions are not there

I’m on 1.8 build 783.

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Are they there on the Overview page? That page is for albums in your library.

Yes, they do show in Overview

It’s strange they don’t show in Discography when I select the My Library icon next to Focus.

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I believe this is a known issue

I raised it again last week, if you filter Album views they are there , go via Artist View > Discography some are missing

It sorta negates library software

Any Roon comment ?


Here’s hoping this is fixed soon. :crossed_fingers:

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