Some minor enhancements and needed fixes

Hi, after using 1.8 almost everyday these are my 9 wishes for a better Roon, make them come true, some are already requested for 1.7, some are bugs introduced with 1.8 (and hasn’t been fixed), some are lost in transition from 1.7 to 1.8, some are already requested.
Please help making a better Roon experience!

#1 Add play action: Add after current playing album
#2 Add crossfade function only between albums
#4 Album view always reset the sort (defaulting to artist name, for me date from new to old should be default) the “Setting > General > Sort Pref” section could be a nice addition to add this default behavior.
#5 Cannot see played count on tracks in artist view
#6 Cannot see album count in artist overview
#7 Add multi select/move in queue (if you could implement #1 this is not really needed anymore), I’ve already made another request for this last year.
#8 There is an encoding mistake in “Recent activity” with artists who have a [ in it’s name, check Ø [Phase] for example, this also happens in his Artist page.
#9 Add possibility to hide radio or add possibility to remove radio, do not recommend a station (could reduce calls to backend = performance win on Main page?)
#10 It is not possible to move items from one zone’s queue to another. (it was possible in 1.7 to add something to another zone, but this function is removed in 1.8)

Maybe there are some points I could not find, the track played per artist should be somewhere right? Or did I miss it?


There is a small work-around when this happens, just remove one of the focussed fields and re-add it.
I don’t know why this sometimes happens…


Add possibility to remove tracks from playlist in album view.

It would be nice if you can see the album name and/or trackno in the queue.