Some more focus options

Focus has the option to narrow down by “has cover” or “has date”. It might be more useful to have also “no cover” or “no date” etc, so that missing metadata can be added.

So, click on the has cover, then notice that [ + Has Cover | X ] item that appears in your focus “shopping cart”.

hit the plus (include) and itll toggle into a minus (exclude) :smile:


Is there a focus for “incomplete” where some tracks are missing from an album?

@IanM, I haven’t found one but agree this would be a good feature

If the tracks were not contiguous, this is easy, but it’s hard to know if the tracks at the end are missing. We call this the bonus tracks problem of completeness. Would “has contiguous tracks” help as a focus?

See the problem with bonus tracks

For me it would help identify albums with missing tracks particularly with track picks added from Tidal. At the moment I’m using:

Focus --> Inspector --> Track Count = 1 - 1 (+1) each time

So yes ‘has contiguous’ would be a win for me.

This would be fine for me. My Use Case is identifying the odd dropped file when copying files between machines over the years.

“no date” : you can sort by date and scroll to the end.

OK, got contiguous tracks focus implemented, itll be in next weeks build (not the one coming out today).

Is there a way to tighten Focus for specific artists that are part of a box set.

For example, suppose I want to focus on Vladimir Ashkenazy. Roon will pull up all the albums where he is a performer.

However, he is a performer on a number of multi-disc box sets, like The Decca Sound. However, focus pulls up the entire box set of 50 discs, not just the discs that Ashkenazy is part of.

Is there any way to tighten the focus just to include Ashkenazy on these multi-disc sets (each disc is numbered disc 1, disce 2, etc.)

You’ll need to use the performer section of track focus for this @steveoat87.


I tried this again, but still the same problems. For example, for the 50 CD box set “The Decca Sound”, all 50 albums are loaded into the playlist, not just the ones including Vladimir Ashkenazy.

Can you explain exactly where you’re looking @steveoat87?

Just keep in mind, if you want to find only the relevant tracks (as opposed to albums that feature a performer), you’ll need to use track focus.

Hi Mike,

I didn’t realize there was a difference between album and track focus.

Tried track focus. Though not perfect, much better results than album focus.