Some more function suggestion

Hi, Here is some more suggestion about folders.
I have 12000 disc data saving in different disks and NAS. I also use bookmarks to let me easy find them.
Sometime I need use force scan or focus function. But because of more than 30-50 folder or disklocation. It is difficult to let me find loction quickly . Because they are not follow a order automaticlly.( Like : A-Z)。Also when I have bookmark , and I made my bookmark A-Z order. But on Apps controller ,I have to reorder them.
Please check my attachment.

I’ve requested something similar here:

It will be very nice to have this sort in order

One more thing ,If use delete fuction for my music file. usually they are an album in one folder. Roon only delete music files and left the file folder empty remain…

I’ve changed the category to Feature Requests - I think it’s a better fit. Hope you don’t mind.

that is fine. hope can have reply soon. this is important for someone have huge music data…:laughing:

While the Roon team says they regularly scan the Feature Requests section you may not get a direct or immediate answer. A bit patience may be required. :wink: