Some Nucleus+ Q's


So I just set up my new Nucleus+ and imported 120k tracks from 8k albums from a Sooloos FLAC export stored on a QNAP NAS. Everything went remarkably well with a few small hiccups. They are as follows:

Every 45 minutes or so, the Nucleus would spontaneously power down. I suspected overheating (although it didn’t feel that hot to the touch) so I moved it from the enclosed cabinet in which I’d set it up to an open shelf and the problem seems to have gone away (it’s been powered up all night now). Given the enormous heat sink encasing the unit, could that have been the issue? Or should I suspect something else?

A tiny number of tracks (around 50) failed to import due to “i/o error.” Yet those tracks DO exist in the library and I have verified they are intact. How can I ask the Nucleus to “try again”?

Quite a few albums have no artwork, even though many of them are not obscure. Is there a ways to ask the Nucleus to look for more art?



Heatsinks don’t work that well when stuck in an enclosed area, because the hot air around the fins has nowhere to rise to. On an open air shelf, the hot air will rise and draw heat away from the fins of the heat sink, thus keeping everything cool.

Hey Hal – would it be possible to upload one or two of these files to Dropbox or similar and PM us a link?

If you don’t have anywhere to upload them to, just ping @support and someone will be able to help you upload them directly to us.

Has the spinner gone away in the top-right? If so, your content may still be getting identified.

In any event, screenshots would help here. There are some uploading instructions at the end of this post.

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Hi Hal

Just for grins, I grabbed your files and dropped them into my Roon/ROCK. They imported and played just fine, complete with identification. No errors at all. I am interested to see what Support make of this.

@Hal_Greene – just released a minor update that should help your thermal issues. visit SIDEBAR -> SETTINGS -> ABOUT in Roon to take the update.