Some odd behaviour - Can't close Now Playing screen

Core Machine
Windows 10 , 32GB RAM i7 6 Core

Different Remote machine
Windows 10 Workstation Notebook - Lenovo Thinkpad Xeon processor. 16GB RAM.

I have an issue at the moment where on my Remote PC, my Now Playing screen will not close… can’t get out of it to access any other part of Roon.
Never happened before - even restarting the PC doesn’t help.

Any ideas?

OK, so one button worked to get me out of the Now Playing Screen - the queue button.
The queue page has the menu on the left so could get going again.

Very odd behaviour for the close button to just stop working on the now playing screen.

Just another user here.

There is a ˅ at the bottom left side to close the now playing details page. Also every other click than the one on the queue you already found out about that brings you to another page should work too (The blue album name, the artist name and some are in the 3-dots menu). I rarely use the top left X at all - but that doesn’t mean that support shouldn’t look into this.

Yeah - that’s normal behaviour but for some reason no other click would work other than the queue.
Even after a restart of the PC.
Most odd.

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Hello @jayrammusic,

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing this. I’m sorry about the trouble :sweat:

It looks like you are not completely stuck, thanks to @BlackJack’s suggestion and your trials. Thank you for your effort.

While you mentioned restarting your PC, I was wondering if you’d consider reinstalling Roon on the PC. That might help :nerd_face: