Some of my downloads are playing silently

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

12,500 albums…so at least 8 times as many tracks

Description of Issue

A few of my downloaded albums are playing silently. I have played them before and they used to play perfectly. The downloads are saved to my laptop and they play ok there.

@Wayne_Croxford, please complete the support template completely, and provide details of your Roon core, network, and the device that is causing the difficulty. Likewise, share screenshots if the device settings and signal path associated with this.

Is this what you need?
Roon (Version 2) Build 1182
128,285 tracks….12,500 albums
Laptop Dell XPS 13 7390

How are they getting to the Naim DAC as the Zen is usb only to my knowledge and the NDAC is spdif only. Only Zen Mini has spdif.

It’s a Zen Mk II…sorry what’s SPDIF?

Coax or optical connection is spdif, how are connecting the Zen to your DAC?

Hi @Wayne_Croxford,

We’re trying to determine if there’s an issue with the digital connection to your DAC, since it appears playback is functioning in the software. Please send a screenshot of the Signal Path within Roon to help augment the team’s investigation. Thank you!

Thanks. I’ve sent the screenshot

Where does the naim DAC come in as the zen appears to be feeding a hiface2?

I’ve just realised that none of my tracks above 48kHz are playing…they all used to play

The hiface is a USB to spdif converter I believe so DAC is attached to the end of that as it only takes spdif.

I found out afterward :grinning:
I wonder if drivers have been overwritten.

It’s on an Innuos so doubt it as it’s a closed

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