Some playlists have disappeared upon restoring a backup

I have been running Roon on a QNAP NAS for a number of years. I recently purchased a Roon Nucleus+. I made sure to backup my Roon and then swapped to the Nucleus+. I restored Roon from the latest backup, but some (not all) playlists had disappeared. Just 3 of my playlists had disappeared, but important ones. I re-opened the Roon Core on QNAP NAS, made local copies of the missing playlists, did a new back-up and then went through the process again of swapping to Nucleus +, restoring this time from the new backup. All the playlists now appear, but they are empty. How to fix?

Hi @Adrian_Ball,

Did the location of your audio files change as a part of the switch to Nucleus (i.e. using Internal Storage instead of QNAP for storage)? Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?