Some Qobuz tracks not available in Roon but available on Qobuz

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I know this issue has been dealt with in the past but I couldn’t resolve this myself.

I have issues playing some Qobuz tracks through Roon - getting a message that it is currently not available.

This happens as part of queue and also when navigating directly to the specific album/track.
This is not an issue with all Qobuz tracks. Most of them play just fine.
The problematic tracks play fine when I go natively to the Qobuz app.

Tried clearing library cache, restarting Roon, sign out and in of Qobuz

Please assist

Have you tried removing those tracks from your Roon library and adding back on?

This sorts it out when it happens to me.

I have not, but even if it does it is not a library wide solution. I have no way to know which tracks has this issue.

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Hi @Marc_Stern,

I’m sorry to hear that some of your Qobuz tracks aren’t available. You mentioned not having a way to tell which tracks are affected. Do any of your unavailable tracks have a banner above them like the one in the screenshot below?

If not, can you please provide me with a few examples of songs that this has occurred on?

You mentioned a few troubleshooting steps you’re tried. Would you please try this sequence:

Log out of Qobuz in Roon
Reboot your Core and Router
Power up again
Log back into Qobuz.

Please let us know if this helps. I’ll be watching for your reply and get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks! :v:t2:

I’ve seen this issue numerous times. I just add the album to my Qobuz favourites and then it miraculously turns up in Roon!

I tried the your suggestion just now but the issue was not resolved.
The unavailable tracks do not have that red marking on them in Roon library.

Here is one example:

And here you can see the tracks are not marked in red unavailable:

I have this problem, too. Network/OS/Hardware details in my profile.
The advice given so far has not fixed the issue.

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