Some questions before my trial period ends

So far I really enjoy the trial period with Roon!

That said some questions:

  • I miss the possibility of writing my own notes about an artist or album or did I missed something?

  • I want / have to put a lot a time in putting my own artist-photo’s into the artist section. If I ever leave Roon do I lose all this information because nothing is written inside the file-tag?

  • The View Cue is not used when I select the option Play Album / Artist / Genre. Why is that?

Jan Willem.

Hi Jan-Willem,

At the moment you can use star ratings, tags, favourites and version information to describe your own preferences, but the only way to add your own notes is by linking them as a PDF. This doesnt feel smooth as it calls an external PDF viewer.

Roon doesn’t alter your files. Photo links within Roon will be lost if you stop using Roon, but the original photos will remain where you stored them.

Browsing and Playing are separated in Roon. You can see what is playing using the Queue screen (music stave in footer) and continue browsing independently of what is playing.