Some Radio Impressions

The following is about one-half step shy of a complaint. That’s why its title ‘impressions’.

I tried starting Radio while on a Playlist page full of classical piano pieces. No tracks were selected when Radio was pressed. Eight of the first ten tracks were jazz cuts, none on the playlist itself. ??

I then tried selecting all tracks of the playlist and pressing Radio. Very similar results; the vast majority of cuts played were neither on the playlist nor classical. ?? However, they all involved a piano lead instrument (jazz trio, e.g.)

These behaviors run counter to my intuition. If Radio is intended to be a “magical mystery tour” then don’t change a thing. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing IMO; it’s just an unexpected thing.

Some related questions: Does it matter whether one or several cuts are selected when pressing Radio? Is the Radio making selections based upon tags that users know about, or is there a proprietary key? Does it matter whether the user is on the composition screen or playlist screen or album screen when Radio is started? What does Radio key off of if no tracks/compositions/albums are selected?

Roon’s history is not to answer such questions. Okay, just know then that one user thinks the Radio behavior doesn’t conform to his expectations.

Any clarification appreciated.

I was searching for the answer to this… what influences Radio as a seed? Just the last song?

I think I found my answer… if Radio starts at the end of a Queue, it uses only the last played song as a Queue.

If you navigate to a set of music (Playlist, Artist, Focus, and select “Start Radio” it does it by all the song in that showing collection.

Correct me if not on track!

EDIT: You can start Radio on a Roon Playlist but NOT on a Tidal Playlist. Never noticed that before. Boo!

EDIT 2: If a Roon Playlist is all Tidal songs, that doesn’t work either. Possibly whatever grouping you are in – it only uses the local songs for Radio, not the Tidal songs?