Some references are broken

Roon Core Machine

Linux Centos, I5, 32GB RAM

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Number of Tracks in Library

21091 tracks

Description of Issue

I removed some albums from my library and it seems that some old references are still in the database some albums are shows as present only in the recommended albums at the bottom of other album detail page

When I click on it I get this error message ( album not found )
Capture d’écran 2023-08-06 à 00.26.22

How can I force a rescan of the folder but without loosing my hearing history?


Settings > Library > Library Maintenance > Clean up Library, I suppose should do it. Although I never encountered such leftovers when deleting something, but I use ROCK with an internal storage disk, so I guess it picks up quickly if an album is deleted from that disk.

Rescanning the disk is done through Settings > Storage > the three-dot menu next to the storage disk > Force rescan

I tried the Clean Up and nope :wink:

I will try to rescan all Storage as you suggest…

Weird, one would think that this removes all database references to inexistent things, at least that’s what the help suggests:

In short, Clean Up Library forces Roon to forget about files it had previously seen, but which aren’t currently available.

but the help also mentions explicitly that Clean Up will not re-scan the disk (though it doesn’t say why it mentions this :slight_smile: ) so maybe that’s necessary.

In any case, be sure that you have a backup

Here is my “Cleanup Screen” with nothing to do…

If I understand correctly you are no longer seeing the album in your list of albums or in the “Albums in my library” section of an artist.
If that is the case, maybe a simple reboot of your Roon Core would solve it?

Well some deleted albums are still show as present some albums details pages ( references to local non existant albums ) but shown as tidal/qobuz albums in the Artist page…

And did yo do the rescan?

Yes, it didn’t changed anything… I even removed the folder where the Album was and 200 another CD rips, cleaned again the Library. And the bad reference was still there…

Very strange

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