Some ripped files unable to load for playback

Strange problem…I use a MacMini as a Roon core with a couple of MicroRendus for playback as well as the Mini. Of the last few albums I ripped from CD to iTunes in one session, only half will play, the others display the error message " transport failed to load media" when selected although the album title and number of racks flashes on briefly. Problem remains whether output is to Mini or mR…in earlier versions of Roon I remember a library sync button but I cant find that now…thoughts?

Maybe those files are corrupt? I would check them out. Either way, I’d re-rip, but, not with iTunes.

Its very strange…the files show in iTunes and will play from there, but dont appear on the Hard drive that has the iTunes library on and is watched by Roon. The titles etc show in Roon but they wont play. he files are all from the last ripping session and all exhibit the same problem but files ripped the same way a week earlier dont show the problem. use iTunes ripping for convenience but have not experienced this problem before. I have checked out the iTunes settings and they must be on that machine somewhere !! Will try ripping again, initially in iTunes

thanks for the prompt reply

Some players are more sensitive than other to malformed header information. If you click on a track and look under the 3 dot menu, choose “View File Info”, at the bottom it should show you were Roon says the physical file is located in your storage. see pic

I re-ripped the CDs to replace the existing files and it now works fine…not really sure why but lets see what happens…thanks for a very prompt response