Some small changes to the UI

I do like the new UI but there are som small things that sould be changed.

When I look at an album, and want to look at the other albums by the same artist, we have to scroll sideways for a looong time to get to the “View discography” where one can se all albums and sort them. This should be an option together with selected discography, as it was before.

When I am sorting my collection by date, the album release dates are not shown.
The metadata is present in the database, but not shown on the album information. It should always be shown in all views (as an option)…

If I look at one artist and sort by date, all albums shows up WITH dates, se the last picture, so the data and possibilities are there.

I and probably many with me would like to have an option to always show album release dates in my collection.
Thanks for the good work you are doing!

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