Some songs are not playing and others stop playing

**Mac Mini 2014 core **
8GB RAM, i5, 1TB HDD

Using iPhone 11 Pro as remote and Tidal as streaming service.

ATT 1GB Fiber running to Nighthawk XR500 router Speed test shows Mac Mini is around 400 mbps upload and download.

Schiit Modius/Magnius stack via USB

Some songs are not loading or playing. Others will take a while to load and stop playing after a short time. I did not have this problem on my MacBook Pro (2018) when I was using it as a core. Ethernet is not an option since the core and router/modern are on the other side of the room.

Is it happening with local music or just when you stream tidal?

Just when I stream. It is mostly on songs I have not streamed before or songs I do not stream a lot.

I take it you have already rebooted everything in your network. Have you tried setting your router DNS to Google/Coudflare/etc? Also, are you able to play to any other endpoint to see if it’s any better?

I have rebooted everything. Not sure how to change my DNS settings and I don’t have any other endpoints. Edit - Figured out the DNS and added, and

Seems like it is a problem with Tidal. Live Radio loads right away and songs from Quboz load too.


What about playing through either your Mac’s internal speakers or through the iPhone? Can you still stream Tidal through their app versus through Roon? Just trying to identify where the weak link in the chain is.

I had similar issues with Tidal (Quboz not available here). It was a networking issue despite my network speeds being similar to yours.

Hello @William_Maloney, @GKern has a great suggestion here. Are you able to play to system output of your mac? Also, do you see a change when you lower streaming quality temporarily under Settings>Services>TIDAL? Lastly, how is your mac connected to the network?

Does not matter which output I use, the result is the same. I lowered the quality to low and it played extremely distorted after loading for a few minutes (played at like quarter speed). Quboz loads and plays right away. The tidal app is extremely slow to load and play too. It loads fine when I use the site

Mac mini is wireless.

I live in an apartment, so I can’t really modify anything. It was working fine with my MacBook Pro, which is constantly running Express VPN. I just downloaded Express VPN on my Mac Mini after I saw a video online of a guy solving this issue by using a vpn and it is working so far.

Never mind…

Never mind…

Thanks for the suggestions but so far the VPN is working. The Mac Mini is serving as both a core and endpoint. It is directly plugged into my Schiit Modius via USB. The router is maybe 15ft away from the Mini on the other side of the room. I suppose if the VPN stop working, I have a spare Wi-Fi netgear extender sitting around I can plug it into.

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Never mind…

Glad that you seem to have got it sorted (at least for now)! I use a (much older) Mac Mini as my server, and it is not connected to my router, so it can work, as long as you can get your network sorted out. I have found that streaming through Roon is much more taxing on your network than other functions, including using the apps directly.

FWIW - there is a Knowledge Base article on networking best practices that may shed some light in case the issue crops up again.

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