Some songs listed twice in Tracks

a number of songs are listed twice. Roon shows both files in the same location???

2 more…have just recently moved my files to an external HD connected to Nucleus.
File path shows file in same place

after switching location from NAS to External HD i ended up with rubout 5,000 more tracks…this seems to be the answer as to where the extra tracks came from

Show a screenshot of your roon Settings, storage.

here you go

Have you done a Clean Up Library, from settings, library?

I often do…just did now…

And a reboot of the roon server (all the normal steps :grinning:)

appreciate the suggestions…yes have rebooted

Click on the three dots for duplicated tracks and see where roon thinks they are.

Cant seem to find the duplicate track area you refer to

Click on each of the individual tracks and see its location

Can you post the file paths?

You might have a link in your file locations that is causing Roon to see two instances of the same files.

here’s an example of a duplicate track…seems like its the same location?

/roon/sys/storage/mounts/ROON_WD_My_Book_25ED_3346483144594C54_6260-7FA9-p1/MUSIC/PHISH/2004/2-2004 Headphones Jam/Headphones Jam (2007).flac

/roon/sys/storage/mounts/ROON_WD_My_Book_25ED_3346483144594C54_6260-7FA9-p1/MUSIC/phish/2004/2-2004 Headphones Jam/Headphones Jam (2007).flac

/roon/sys/storage/mounts/ROON_WD_My_Book_25ED_3346483144594C54_6260-7FA9-p1/MUSIC/PHISH/2004/2-2004 Headphones Jam/Headphones Jam (2007).flac
/roon/sys/storage/mounts/ROON_WD_My_Book_25ED_3346483144594C54_6260-7FA9-p1/MUSIC/phish/2004/2-2004 Headphones Jam/Headphones Jam (2007).flac

Hi, Thomas

I put both paths lined up for easy compare. If you notice PHISH and phish. Some Operating Systems, like Linux on which the RoonOS is based, actually treat capitols as different letters. So, to a Linux OS, those are two different folders.

Nicely done.
Weird cause all the files are in the same folder…phish
The files when on my NAS were in a folder called PHISH
so now what? Just name the current file PHISH from phish?

Or maybe delete the phish folder and retransfer the PHISH file to the external?

Must be realted to when i moved the database and used a backup of my database and then called the folder phish instead of PHISH…i guess?

Wonder why not every track

Hi Thomas,

I’m not sure the best way to rectify. If PHISH is a close of phish, then you could just do away with one. Otherwise, you are going to have to go through those directories and compare to make sure they ARE duplicates.

I personally would do this on a different PC with robust file manager options. But, in Roon under the Tracks page you can FOCUS on different file paths, and save those as different bookmarks which you can then compare. Additionally, if you find that you want to get rid of one, you can go to settings storage click the 3 dot menu and Edit. At the bottom there should be an Exclusion list. you can just add one or the other Phish’s to that list and Roon should then ignore everything under that directory.