Some sort of sleep mode?

Hi @agillis,

I’m trucking along happily with my STi7. My music is on NAS. However, the NAS box never seems to go into its standby mode (hard drives sleep). AFAIK, it is Roon that keeps things working. I’m less concerned with power consumption than the drives working 24/7. Is there anything I can do from the ST side to stop Roon calls to the NAS until I access with a Roon remote/control app?


There is nothing you can do on the sonicTransporter side for this. My guess is Roon is accessing your files. Are your drives NAS drives like WD Red? If so it’s actually better for drives to keep running 24/7.

Hi Andrew,

That’s my guess too. Roon likes to be busy!

My drives are WD Red, so that’s some security. And 5400rpm, so a bit less stress and heat than 7200. Still, a lot of use.

The NAS does stay running 24/7, but it has a built in drive standby function for when there is no demand. This never actuates with Roon’s accessing.

I’m going to make a Roon feature request for a manual sleep mode in the Roon remote. The thread for auto sleep and WOL doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Another question for you. I’m going to give Plex a try. With all my video files on the NAS, would you recommend installing Plex on the STi7 (like Roon core) or on the NAS itself? I don’t know if there are any different considerations for this app - safer to ask.


I’ve set up a scheduled task to run a .bat file at 2:00am every day on my Windows NUC Roon Core to put the computer to sleep. Then I have a WOL app on my Roon clients (iPhone, windows tablet). So whenever I want to play music I just press the WOL app first, give it a few seconds and then open my Roon client app.

Thanks, I’m not Linux savvy though. My core is on a Sonic Transporter that is running the SonicOrbiter Linux variant.

I think it would be preferable to leave the ST running and put the Roon Core to sleep with it waking on access (some inevitable delay, but a fraction of what ST and core startup would be). I’m not sure how feasible this would be without Roon’s involvement though.

I could follow the shut down logic by scheduling the NAS to shutdown every night, but startup takes a while and there might be other needs than media in accessing it.

Same issue here, but why is it “actually better for drives to keep running 24/7”?

The sonicTransporter does not support WOL

Drives that run 24/7 stay at the same temperature all the time. That makes them last longer. Same for the sonicTransporter.


Is it possible to schedule on off cycles? This would be great too :slight_smile:

No we find it’s best to leave our products running 24/7.

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