Some stats worth posting

There are and have been several discussions about one’s library stats - number of tracks, albums and artists plus what percentage is locally stored versus Tidal or Qobuz

While I find these numbers interesting I feel that the stats linked below say much about who I am and what I truly love:

Real Life Stats

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I don’t use Strava (my mistake it isn’t Strava) and stopped ‘logging’ my rides for the stats about the turn of the century but I do use Road ID app for the past few years. My wife likes to know if I fall/need help and can’t use the phone etc.

It’s handy to have for solo rides. It’s free to use.

I’m way down on my ride count but still managed to ride over 100 days each of the past few years.

Be safe out there!

I have a bike but I hardly ever ride it. I prefer pure foot power. It’s like the two channel listening of the athletics world. :slight_smile:

2019 Stats came out at: 1,432 miles run (460 in races)


Very impressive. I also have a Strava account although I don’t ride during the winter so it’s inactive at the moment. Strava

Hey… Somehow I missed this thread. :slight_smile:

A year and a moon ago I needed angioplasty. My weight was at the time was about 145kg. I smoked, fancied my drinks and food and did not move any more than strictly necessary.

These days I weigh 98kg (still exactly 2 meters tall ;-)), don’t smoke anymore, rarely drink alcohol and eat sensibly (think non-processed, ‘real’ food).

Oh – and I started to move. Here’s my Strava:


Very impressive. And tall, just like a Dutchman. Keep up the good work. :+1: Losing 47kg (just over 100lbs) is no small nor easy feat. You’ve basically made your lifetime Roon subscription worthwhile :laughing:

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I nearly equaled that at 43 kg but I’m only 5 ft 8 in I am now running at 75 kg

I had a Total Ankle Replacement and had to lose weight to improve the longevity of the new joint

Retired Brewer giving up beer that some feat

I truly admire Rene , it needs. Incredible dedication to do it and even more so to maintain it

Google Banting :roll_eyes: or LCHF


I’m a type 2 diabetic so I also (try to) eat a low carb diet but man chocolate cake sure does taste good. :moon_cake:

My blood sugar runs 3.5 to 4, next review i will lose my diabetes meds …

I must confess there are bits i miss, but slip and the weight piles on Alas