Some tags not working with Focus (previously worked)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10, Intel® Core™ i7-9700 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Roon Build 783

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Vodafone Hub / Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Audioengine D1 DAC on PC with 2TB drive, via USB

Description Of Issue

For some strange reason, some of my tags are not recognised when selecting them in Focus. For example, I have the following tags: “3 star”, “4 star” and “5 star” to indicate favourite tracks. When in Focus to screen music to play, the “3 star” tag works, but the last two don’t. Restarted, logged out and tried everything I could think of. Any help will be appreciated as this worked before.

Focus changed behavior recently with the new “and” / “or” functionality. Did you try messing with those?

Also, it’s unclear what’s working or not working… could you take a short video with your phone and show us?

Hi Danny, I’ve tried the and / or but that doesn’t work. Where do you want the short video sent?Thanks.

Danny - I have sent a link to two short videos to as we’re not allowed to upload videos to the web. Let me know if you need anything else. Many thanks.

Hey @johan – Danny and I were just discussing this. Something strange I noticed in your video, that maybe you can clarify.

The top of the tag page says you have 1 album and 2 compositions tagged, but the tag browser says you have 202 items in that tag.


So clearly something’s gone wrong with this tag, and some tagged items are missing.

A couple questions that may help us understand here:

  • Do you use a streaming service, local files, or both?
  • Are you doing all your tagging in Roon, or is some of the tagging happening via file tags?
  • Have you changed your storage configuration? Did you move to a new hard drive at any point?
  • If you go into Settings > Library > Library maintenance what numbers are you seeing next to deleted files, unassociated files, and disabled storage locations? (For now, do not click the “Clean up library” button – we just want to know if Roon is unable to locate some of your media)
  • When you’re on the 5 star tag page that says “1 album, 2 compositions” at the top, what happens when you click things on that page? Do you end up on albums and compositions as expected?

Hi Mike, I did notice the 1 album / 2 comps which also confused me.

Answers to your questions as follows:

  1. Only use Qobuz streaming, nothing on local drive
  2. All tagging is done in Roon when listening to songs / tracks (don’t use file tags)
  3. No change in storage configuration since I joined Roon a few months ago (my PC is the core)
  4. There is nothing else (no numbers etc) under Library Maintenance apart from the option to Clean up Library
  5. On the 5 star page, when I click on things it takes me to the song marked 5 star (album view). Apart from the first album “Haydn…” - clicking on that takes me to the album, showing the 4 tracks that’s in my library and marked with a filled heart, but none of those tracks are marked 5 star. However, there is a 5 star label just below the Play Now, which I cannot remember giving (I tend to only star tracks / songs). I cannot find the 5 stars on the actual album… This might be the “1 album” it’s picking up on the main page. But just guessing.

When I press Shuffle, it says it will play 188 of the 204 songs (not sure why it’s missing some).

Pressing View all albums, I’m taken to My Albums, showing 132 of 2808 albums (same 132 as on Tags page). That looks fine.

Pressing View compositions, it takes me to a list of my classical compositions with 5 stars selected at the top. However, there’s a combination of hearts filled in and not, that don’t correspond to the album / track when I select those. Similarly, relatively few of those listed compositions have a 5 star rating when I select / play it. Something odd there.

So I summary, selecting the albums on the page looks fine (apart from completeness issue), but things get interesting once I click on:

  • View all compositions. Bear in mind that I only give stars to individual tracks / songs (obviously they’re sometimes the same thing as the composition, which is where the 2 might come from…)
  • View all tracks. Per the video.

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can send more videos to help.

(PS: could I kindly ask that someone removes my surname from my user name - only to show “Johan”)

It does – thanks for taking the time to work through my questions. We’re going to do some more investigation and we will be in touch.

I took care of this as well:

Thanks again!

You’re welcome, thanks for the help.

Mike - earlier today, I uninstalled and reinstalled Roon as Community forum suggested that. Before I did that, I performed a manual back up which came back “Successful”. Unfortunately this made no difference to the situation you’re already looking into.

A bit later, I accidently deleted the “Find Alternative” Tag Category, losing all the tracks in that Tag group. Found no way to undo or retrieve that. Having completed a successful backup earlier, I selected “find backups” and found 3 backups. Confusingly, selecting any of them (including the one I’ve just done) renders a “Restored Failed” message just as 1% progress is shown.

Something has clearly gone very wrong (corrupt?) on my Roon set-up given tags and backups are not working. Please add this to the investigation. Thanks!

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Hi @johan

We’ll enable diagnostics on your account so we can take a look at this. Can you confirm where your backups are currently stored?

Hi @dylan, on a separate SSD drive (i.e. not C drive) on my PC.

Hi @dylan - I have responded to your question re Backup issues, but haven’t yet received a response so unsure whether this has been seen.

In addition, I would appreciate your response to threads two weeks ago about Crackling Sounds on playback: “Hi Dylan, with reference to message 11 days ago, I can report back that my PC upstairs (also used as Roon Core) still produces crackling sounds on some albums. Downstairs, on Sonos via iPhone / iPad, there are no sound issues as far as I can tell.
Any idea what settings to change?
Many thanks”

And regarding Tags not working (logged at #Support last week), when might a next-steps response be expected from your Support team? I’m currently on leave, working through my entire library to tag tracks and don’t want to waste time continuing this exercise if my Tags have became irreversibly corrupted. Therefore, any guidance whilst the investigation is underway will be much appreciated.

Let me know if Tags not working and Backup issues should rather be dealt with through the Community forum. However, they feel more like #Support issues to me, hence having logged them there.

Thanks in advance…

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Hi @johan

Tags Issue

I just wanted to confirm that our team is looking into this — We think we might know where this is stemming from, but it’ll take some time to do some testing on this. We’ll be sure to provide an update when we have more information!

Backups Issue
Looking at the diagnostics report, it’s saying that the folder is unavailable, and that’s why it is failing. Can you try moving the backups folder onto the C drive if you have room for it and try to give the restore a go there?

Crackling Sounds

We’ll respond in that thread soon.

@dylan thanks, noted and great news re tags. Moved backup folder to C:Drive.