Some Tidal 24 bit mastering tracks not shown

My friend is running a trial of Roon and linked his Tidal subscription. We noticed many of the 24 bit tracks on my Roon / Tidal instanced don’t show up on his. He sees a good amount of 24 bit tracks from Tidal, however, not all of them. One example is the Grateful Dead 1977 Cornell show. I have a 24 bit version and he doesn’t, however, he does have other 24 bit Tidal tracks. It’s like some of them just don’t show up.

Hi @chris_hoerske,

Is there another version of this album showing up in Roon? If you view the Versions tab do you see the 24bit TIDAL version?

On my Roon instance yes… On his No. it’s very strange. I also noticed this on other albums… It’s like his Roon instance doesn’t sync all available Mastering tracks. Some are there. Some are not…

We are using LMS-to-uPNP and I had a limit set on the sample rate to 48000 . I changed to 192000 and Grateful Dead Cornel 1977 show appears… And others too. Sweet!

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