Some times I can’t add a Tidal album to my library

Some times Roon refuses to add a Tidal album to my library (it goes into a permanent spin cycle) or will not allow me to switch to a higher res version. I trialed Roon about three months ago and found this issue such an irritant I quit the trial. I’ve been convinced to try again and while I believe Roon is a valuable tool for a music enthusiast such as myself, the permanent spin cycle really spins me. Is this a known problem or my own personal hell?

Are you clicking the heart and then you get the continuous spinning? If so, I find this happens when you already have a version of the album in your library.

Go to your library, find the album and check versions. If there is another version you want to add, just add to library from there.

Thanks for your reply. That is my suspicion as well but often even if I remove the previous version, I can’t add the new version; other times it works as you suggest.