Some tracks don't play at all

Roon Core Machine

Mac OS Big Sur 11.5.2 -newer

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear router hardwired to Innuos Zen 3.

Connected Audio Devices

Shunyata Ethernet/USB Streamer to DAC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I recently upgraded my DAC to an ANK 4.1X . The problem is that about 1 in 10 tracks simply will not produce any sound. It shows as playing in the bar but no music.
See photo.

I have one theory that the Chinese AI has censored my playlists.
Another theory says Aliens found some tracks Offensive.

FMI- Why doesn’t Roon offer a Pay by the call service for those who prefer
that their system not be down for days at a time when something goes wrong
and will part with $10 or whatever to get a quick fix?

Or is there a private party who already fills this void I need to learn of ???

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Are the tracks that don’t play hires tracks at all?

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That’s what i was thinking as well. Sounds like the Zone settings are out of alignment with the DAC’s capabilities. Roon only knows what we tell it, unless the DAC is Roon Tested. Even then, sometimes the settings are wrong.

I remember your former thread about it not producing any sound at all.
That thread is marked as solved, but you never have given comprehensible (for me, at least) feedback as to what you did to actually get that set-up working,
Trying to help, I did ask you a question there after looking up manuals of your respective gear and finding a discrepancy - but you chose to ignore it.

You really need to be more verbose about all circumstances of your cases.
Without proper background info, a direct phonecall won’t be a “quick fix”, either.

If you set your output to be the MAC do you get the same track playback issues?

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