Some tracks in album showing up twice

Hi, I have an album with 12 tracks (with 12 flat files in the album folder), but in Roon, 2 of the tracks are showing up twice. How can I delete the album so Roon will rescan it and hopefully fix the problem? I’ve tried removing the album folder from my music folder and when I do that, I don’t see the album anymore in Roon, but when I move the album folder back, the album reappears in Roon, but the problem persists. Any help with be appreciated!

Go to Settings|Library and click on the button “Clean up library”, mark the first option in the list and click again on the button “Clean up library”.

With previous traces now removed …

… hopefully the issue is resolved.

Wow! Fixed it! Thank you again…and also your help yesterday!

My pleasure. Please consider marking resolved issues as such (there should be a checkbox for that).

Do you mean selecting Solution?

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Great, that’s what I meant.

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