Some Tracks Not Worthy of Radio

I just noticed a phenomenon on a Michael Legrand album. The first cut, Prelude by Gershwin, has an option to start the Radio:

But the second track, Preludes (3) also by Gershwin, does not have a Radio option: (!)

And so it continues, about half of the compositions deemed Radio Ready, the other half not.

Don’t know what to make of that. Composers are well known (Gershwin, Copland, Bernstein, Beach). Currently have both Qobuz and TIDAL.

The one without Radio is a header or grouping of tracks not a track, if you click on Allegro ben ritmato right beneath you will see the Radio option. Radio is applied to a track not a listing/grouping of tracks, that is why there is no Radio for playlists.

Hmm. That is not what I’m seeing:

Here is a playlist radio option.

And you’re mistaken in your characterization of the tracks. All are compositions. Some are one-track compositions, others 3,4 and 10 tracks in this album’s case. I see no reason why a composition, regardless of length, can’t start a radio option. Just like the playlist above.

Hi John,
What versions of Roon are you running ? On Core and any Control pictured.

Roon 1.6 B 401

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I think that’s a bug @support as radio isn’t supposed to be on playlists.

Does anyone else see what John_V is seeing ? I can’t replicate it.

I can’t replicate it either - I haven’t yet found an example of the Radio button appearing on a composition; I need to select a track within a composition to get it appearing…

Well if I didn’t have a pic, I’d say I’m going daft, because I can’t replicate it now either. I can’t even select a track and have the selection box appear where it did in the pic.

Oh well, gremlins; or daft user, take your pick.

The original thrust of my comment remains. A user may well be confused by having some compositions radio ready and others not. And he may want “the symphony” as a seed as opposed to “Movement II: andante”. Why is one choice better than the other? (Answer: programming convenience)

Somewhat off-original point, another similar case of programming convenience is where the “Go to Composition” three-dot option is not available when clicking the composition title line. What sense does that make?

Because you are already at a performance of the composition?

If you mean that you would rather go to the composition page itself to view other performances and read a critique of the performance, then this, I agree, would be added value. Perhaps you could submit it as a feature request?

No, I simply mean that if one wanted to go to a “Composition Page”, the most logical place to click would be on the line with the composition’s title, IMO.

In a similar fashion, if one wanted a radio based upon XYZ Symphony, the most logical place to click would be the line entitled, “XYZ Symphony”.

These have been suggested as new features, and I imagine have been circular-filed or forgotten. These are small (very small) WTF detractions that keep Roon from being the polished product it could be.

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