Some usability issues with Roon Radio / Now Playing

Hello all,

Glad to be a paying customer! As soon as Qobuz expanded their £14.99 tier to the UK, I jumped on board. Seeing as their app is massively lacking, Roon was a natural fit. I started the trial and was absolutely WON OVER by Roon Radio. I’ve been finding so much good music! Thank you to the development team and all those training the algorithms!

Onto my issues, now.

Once Roon Radio tracks start playing, the Now Playing interface gets rid of the LOVE / FAVOURITE icon in favour of thumbs up & down. This makes sense in the context of Roon Radio, but I like using the icon so that Roon’s overall recommendations are better for me. For me to LOVE / FAVOURITE a track, I need to first add its album to my library, then use the icon.

  • Why is it that the LOVE / FAVOURITE icon doesn’t dynamically appear in the Now Playing screen once an album is added to my library? I could then perform these actions on the same screen.
  • Why is it that a LOVE / FAVOURITE icon misleadingly appears in the Queue view? Obviously, it never does anything, not even once you’ve added the album to your library.
  • Why is it that clicking the album name will always show the album in an ADD TO LIBRARY state? If you add an album to your library, then go back to the Now Playing screen and click the album name again, it shows as if it is not in the library.

Thank you in advance!

Because you’re in the TIDAL or Qobuz section in Roon and not in the “My Library” section.

Because you added the TIDAL or Qobuz album to the queue and not the one from your library.

See above.

Hi mate,

I appreciate your response and I assumed there would be an explanation as to why, but I guess my question is more “how does this make sense?” or “how is this intuitive?”

Yes, there are explanations, but is this a good UX?

It is the UX you get by now. Future updates might change some aspects but I think that the general distinction between “In my Library” and “Not in my Library” will remain the same (at least for the near future).
If you have some good and thought out ideas how things could made better without compromising the current feature set of Roon you should post them in the #roon:feature-requests section of the forum.

Nice, didn’t know about that section. Will draft something up and post there, thank you!

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