Some way to differentiate compilations

Would be great to be able to differentiate compilation albums (with tracks by the same artist - e.g. best of, etc) from regular albums.

I hear that a new way to manage live albums is coming (and hopefully bootlegs, etc), so perhaps compilations might be considered as part of the organising process.

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We have a lot of this stuff in the data model already (just not in the UI yet), so this isn’t much of a reach.

One hole is: it’s not clear to us if/how this kind of stuff is represented in file tags.

Do you have file tags that currently represent this information? If so, any details you can share?

I don’t think that I do have this information stored in file tags brian. Perhaps it is something that could be done manually within Roon, or perhaps the metadata could be edited for these albums to add a particular file tag.