Some Words regarding Support & Service in connection with Build 880/882/884

This sumarizes my Roon experience.


If you listen to 400 tracks or so day you can hear the whole collection in a couple years. I have some editing to do, but it’s a big job and not high on the priority list.

62 years at 400 a month. Hope you are starting out as a young person!

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400 Tracks a day, with an average track at 3 minutes, is 20 hours of music a day. I thought I listen to a lot.

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Spent all today trying to restore from backups going back to the oldest more than 6 months ago on version 813. All failed. It looks like I am out of luck. This is really unacceptable. I’ve posted some more details here.

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Hi Occamsrazor,

I think it is time for you, to give up.
Unfortunately you seem to have a longer timeframe (more than six months) between the “accident” (e.g. loss of power, writing error, disk error …) and the build 880.

You will shed a few tears, but after a few days you will feel better knowing (or rather believing = hoping?) that you have a clean and consistent database. I stopped my efforts much earlier - The longer this timeframe is, the more useless is such an old backup. Since in the first three weeks after the debacle there was no feedback on my suggestion of a database repair or an export option, nothing more will come now. Because there are only a few desperate souls left.


Thanks… yes I have pretty much resigned myself to losing everything… but will be away for a week or so and will leave rebuilding until I have time. At least if I could save & replicate the playlists that would be a big start.


My system came up with needing an upgrade, I killed the Roon processes and did a complete backup to my NAS. Then I restarted Roon and let it upgrade and as expected by anyone in software, it worked perfectly because I’d done a backup. I’m certain if I hadn’t done a backup it would have failed.

I’m not adding much new music these days so I’ll have a backup for next time. I store all my music on my NAS anyway so I can easily add new albums from there. I’m prepared for the next Roon drama.


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Hi guys,
There have been many people with problems during the 880-884 Updates. I think about switching from itunes to roon. For me it would be interesting to know, if you solved your problems regarding the loss of data (or get solved)?


Build 880 introduced “Improved database integrity monitoring”, this monitoring highlighted corruption issues in the Roon DB that would have previous only come to light during a DB update or restore ** and ensures that only valid backups could be taken.

*when the whole DB was checked

The problem that some users experienced, was that their DB was unfortunately already corrupt and so were their backups. Hence, the only way forwards was to start with a clean DB.

Today it is a different situation, in that the DB is validated before the backup is taken thus building confidence that should it be necessary it can be restored without issue.

If you’re interested in the built notes have a look at #roon:software-release-notes

Hope this helps.


Thank you, that makes me confident - even if I understand very little about the technical details.
Maybe also one of the “real” users will give some feedback later.

I think we’re all “real” users here. Personally, I had no problems because my database was not corrupt. The key going forward is to do frequent backups. If your current database will not backup due to being corrupt, simply restore your most recent backup.

I have a 1TB USB HDD plugged into my Roon Nucleus and it backs up every night. I keep 30 of the most recent backups. It also backs up once a month and I keep 12 of those.

The original complaint from some time ago -

As real as it gets.

I am a “real user” who experienced this corrupted DB/failed backup issue before Christmas 2021. I disabled backups at the suggestion of Support. Apparently my database has an abnormally large size that is not commensurate with my number of songs and artists. I am still patiently waiting for support to finish their investigation of my DB and provide me a solution. I continue to use Roon regularly and add content to my collection. I am in a vulnerable position without a good backup and 3 years of effort grooming my collection.

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Robert that is bad News, but I thought there was no solution due to the design of the underlying database.
Would be great if they can provide an export function even if it only got 90% and you can just rescan the rest of it.
I hope they come through for you.

Don’t know why you replied to me, but I am tagging @support for you.

Hey All,

I am also a real user, as the most of us, and I understand your doubts. There are actually some Roon employees or people close to Roon among us. But it’s fine anyway. I see it as a real luxury that the community is intertwined with the workforce. So the boys hear our concerns and questions, but also our anger live.
Regarding your main question: I haven’t had any problems since the disaster mentioned in the title. Unfortunately, however, I had no choice but to start with a new empty database. I hope that was and remains the first and only time.
But, don’t worry too much. I think Roonlabs learned something from the problem, even if they don’t admit it here.

Oh … I can totally sympathize with you

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