Something funny is happening with Roon radio

… since the last update… playing radio, with the music regularly flowing in background, you can have …

funny isn’t it? sometimes you can recover regular functionality some other time you have to go into album

There is another thread about this. It’s happening to a lot of people.


let put togheter this with the complete desappeard library and… hey, one question to Roon people: why when you decide to move from one release to the next one people have to face problems? we are happy with what we already have… we want to listen music not to waste our time in troubles :rage:

by the way… Roon Rock with NUC (I don’t remember wich one but you already have all the info about)… so it is not the terrible Windows, it is you fault… bad fault

This has ben regularly happening to me too recently.

Happening to me too

Likewise … ;(

Perhaps a moderator can merge into the existing thread.


It has been this way since 1.7 and is a ROYAL PITA.

I have saved 9 radio stations and it takes several minutes to access them. Already attempted to find a solution here, to no avail.