Something wrong with added Tidal album

Hello @support,

These are my first Tidal albums added and something went wrong :


1969: Dramatis/ation is added twice and one of them do not have de “new” flag.

Thx, dp.

Hi @Dirk-Pitt ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us, very appreciated!

Moving forward, can you please share a screenshot of the “album details” page for the mentioned duplicate album (i.e1969: Dramatis/ation)?


Hello @Eric, thank you for your message.

I did not do anything at all but today the duplicate album is gone :

Same thing on Tidal focus :

The first time I had 7 albums in this view.

But I can reproduce the problem : I removed the Tidal albums and added them again.

  • album details for the first one :

  • album details for the second one :

Edit : strange, not the same duration.

  • first duplicate

  • second duplicate

Hope this help, dp.