Something wrong with my Roon

Hi, I bought Roon but encounter some problems, first every time I turn Roon on, it always asks me to login again, second I can’t turn backup on, it looks like disappeared from setup58

Just so you are aware your mac is under min spec hardware wise than is minimum recommended.

Have you installed the application into the applications folder?

I suggest fixing the logging in issue as a first step.

@support flagging support here for you too.

Sounds like a permission issue so Roon is not saving your config/preferences.

But it was fine few days ago…

what version of Roon do you have installed? Current build is B363

I believe it’s the latest one, just reinstall it few times.

“B”?? As in beta? Mine is a plain vanilla 363.

B as in Build.

I think B is for Build


Have you performed a backup before, as in was that menu ever working? Have you set up your automatic backups and then this issue occurred?

I have gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action will do is next time your Core is active, a set of logs will automatically be generated and uploaded to our servers for analysis. I kindly ask for you to leave that machine powered on, connected to internet and have Roon open so that this diagnostics package can be received by our servers.


Yes, I did perform backups, and set it as automatic,


Thanks for confirming that for me. I have seen this behavior before and your diagnostics confirm it’s the same issue, I will PM you steps on how to correct the backup behavior.

As for Roon logging in every time it starts, we will have to look into that a bit further. After using the instructions I PM’d you please note the exact local time in your country (ex. 8:29PM) that Roon asks you to re-login and reproduce this issue 3-4 times and let me know this info.

After receiving this info we can take a look at diagnostics to see if there are any common symptoms for the behavior.


Login on 9:57 10:01 10:03 10:04 AM 01/19/2019

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Turns out I move the backup file from Roon folder in Library and then reopen Roon and let it recreate it again.

Both Problems solved


Glad to hear that everything is working again! Thanks for contacting support and wish you a pleasant listening experience :headphones: !

– Noris

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