Sometimes does not play in MS600

A random effect: some albums don’t start playing on Sooloos endpoint.

I was playing last night, no problem. Have not played Sooloos in the meantime, but MD600 core is on. And MS600 is shown in Roon. Switch to system output, plays ok. Switch back to this MS600 and another one, won’t play. In fact, the DSP7200s were off and didn’t get turned on, as they normally do when the MS600 start playing. Turned them on manually, still won’t play.

Turned MD600 core off, plays ok. This has not been required before, usually plays when MD600 is on but inactive. But I have had random failures.

Maybe this is not a bug but a not recommended configuration. I’ll leave it off to see if my problems go away.

The Core MUST be disabled until Meridian implements “sharing” the endpoint. They know of the problem, but as far as I know, there is no public timeline for this being implemented.

If you got this to work in the past, you got lucky. It can not function this way, because the Meridian Core will steal the endpoint from Roon.

Yeah, I’d read that, but following instructions does not sit well on the creative mind.

I had noticed Sooloos would steal the endpoint when I played, but after it stopped playing I could go into Audio Setup and steal it right back. Was very convenient to be able to switch.

But if Sooloos can steal the endpoint even when passive, maybe that’s the reason for my occasional misbehavior. It’s off now.

How you were using it is how we want it to work, but right now, the Meridian Core is grabbing it on discovery.