Song and Artist Names on Radio Screen (Squeezebox Touch)

Is it just me, or not having song an artist names on radio screen is unfortunate omission, when this information is available and same is displayed for library music. I would really like to be able to have this feature (it was there on LMS) as this is the way I learn about new music. It should show album cover and instead of album name show radio station name.


Many of the radio stations display this already.

Thank you for your reply.

I failed to mention that this issue is on my Squeezebox Touch screen. Your screenshots appear to be from a smart phone.

This is a screen for album in a library:

… and this is the screen for song from Roon radio:

The latter should be showing the same song info, except that album name should be replaced with the radio station name. Also, radio station image should be replaced with song’s album image. All of this was displayed when I used to run Logitech Media Server (LMS) on the same Squeezebox unit.