Song art vs Album art

Trying to navigate a REALLY cleanly tagged CD Redbook library now that I’m exploring higher resolution. I don’t like deleting a song I have just because I have a higher rez version, that may not play on other devices outside Roon.

My question is…

I’ve decided to create ‘albums’ (mixtape, sort of) of hi rez songs I buy. The artist art is embedded into the flac file, but the first song in the folder is displayed for all songs (album art). Can that be changed to display for the song what is it’s metadent flac file?

Not at present, they have been several feature requests for Roon to support track level artwork.

Hi. Is track level artwork supported yet? I searched and can’t find a recent answer. I scan picture sleeves and use the art for individual songs. Thanks.

no still album level.

Ok thanks for the info. When I did the trial last year I liked a lot about Roon but things like this kept me from buying. I have over 1,200 picture sleeves scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop. Maybe they could be used as part of the slideshow feature? Thanks.