Song availability and import settings

Hi! Newbie here! Excuse if this questions are repeated, I’ve browsing the community and haven’t been able to find anything similar. Also, excuse the long lines, I’m sure there’s a faster way to explain all this but I’m just too new to it all.

I am currently on the trial plan and I can already see why people love Roon. I mainly play Spotify, Tidal, local files and vinyl. I recently upgraded my setup from 2 Sonos Play:1 with a Node 2i, amp and speakers. I like Roon’s interface better than the one from Node. Also, it is very convenient to be able to command both the Node 2i and the two Sonos speakers from one app. Even though I am also a heavy user of platforms such as Soundcloud or Bandcamp, which are not supported by Roon, I can see myself using Roon after the trial period.

The whole system is a bit costly, taking into account subscription to Roon, Tidal… and since I don’t want to run Core from my laptop (it needs to be always on and it’s what I use to work daily) I think Roon Rock on a NUC is the way to go for me rather than the Nucleus. I would transfer my iTunes library to an external SSD and plug it in to the NUC.

I have a big iTunes library but a great percentage of the tunes are already available on streaming services at at leat the same quality or even better, so I think maybe I will just keep only the local files of the tunes which are not available in any streaming service. This way I can completely forget about iTunes and let Roon manage my library. It is also a way to clean up, I don’t need to hoard every single music file in the world.

Is there any service online or way to tell which songs from my library are already available in streaming services, so I can discard those and only keep the ones unavailable?

I also have a question abour the way Roon manages the library. I’ve seen that when you import new music the files are copied in the local library you have selected, in a newly created folder named with the date of the import. Is it possible ti change this setup so it makes a folder with the artist’s name (in case ir doesn’t already exists), then a subfolder with the album name. This way I would keep the iTunes library structure I already have. It is also more convenient to find files if the folder’s name is the artist and album rather than an import date you won’t eventually relate to anything…

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @muydelpalo

I’m not aware of any service that can do exactly that, but can take playlists from iTunes and transfer them to a streaming service. I’m not sure what alternatives there are for the entire iTunes library, though.

No, when ripping albums using Roon OS, it is not possible to change how albums are named. If you use a different source for ripping and transfer them to a folder that Roon is watching, this would be an option.

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@dylan thank you for your answer!

I’m actually a user of soundiiz, so I:

  • made an iTunes playlist that contains all the songs (+20,000)
  • exported the playlist as .txt
  • split the .txt in files <2MB
  • am currently uploading via soundiiz to both Spotify and Tidal
  • when each upload is complete, I download the .csv report full of 1s (success) and 0s (error, there is no match for the song in Spotify/Tidal)
  • will merge all .csv into a single one with all the songs and its 1s and 0s. A file for each platform.
  • will try to see if I figure how to run a script to check/uncheck the songs on iTunes based on the final .csv
  • will create a smart playlist containing the songs that are not available on any streaming platform. Those are the ones I will keep

Just wondering if there’s a way to avoid all this trouble! :sweat_smile:
I’ll go on with this procedure, if anyone knows a better way please free me from this pain!!

I actually dragged and dropped the files on Roon, not ripping a CD, but I guess the outcome is the same… I think I’ll have to manage folders and files the way I like. Everytime I want to add songs to my library I’ll have to unplug the external SSD, copy from PC, then plug it in again.
Would you consider a feature to add the renaming of folders as an import setup? I’ve seen that in other software, not necessarily music related.

Anyway, than you for your help! I’ll keep exploring all Roon features

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