Song available in Tidal but not in Roon

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Version 1.7 (build 610)

Description Of Issue

Dear Roon,

In Tidal, the song Tadow (Extended Version) is available on Masego’s album Lady Lady.

In Roon though, this song is labeled as unavailable.

Could you please make the song available through Roon. Thanks in advance for your support.

Kind regards,


Like them in Tidal app, then do a Tidal sync in Roon.

I already did that.

Then, they will show up before long.

It’s been like this since 14 August.

No, that’s not good. Maybe, check that they are still favored in the Tidal app, then try the Roon Tidal sync again. You have posted in the Roon Support forum, so that should get some attention soon.

Already did that a few times before deciding to post this thread. Thanks though.

Perhaps not all tracks are allowed by the artist to be used with non tidal native streaming? This can perhaps be geographically limited. Just suggesting some things, but I’m no expert in tidal streaming limitations.

Can anyone from Support look into this please? It still hasn’t been resolved. Thanks.

Hi @Arash — Apologies for the trouble here, we are looking into this.

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I am seeing multiple Peter Gabriel albums (So and Us for example) in Tidal but they don’t appear in the Tidal section in Roon for the artist. I’m only on day 3 of using Roon. Everything has worked fine until this little issue. What am I doing wrong?

You can go to the Tidal app and like it there, then go to Roon - Settings - (don’t remember) where you can then sync with Tidal and they will show up in Roon. Sorry, I’m not at home to tell you precisely.

Thanks Jim. I will give that a try. I was under the impression I could search throughout Tidal’s entire available library. I do have local files of these albums. Could that be causing the Tidal masters to not appear? Tidal has better encodes than the old ones I have, so I would gladly remove mine if that is the issue.

No, I don’t think so. Just go like it in Tidal and then sync in Roon. I don’t know why Roon sometimes doesn’t have them, but it happens.

I see. I really like the app. This happening occasionally is no deal breaker for me. I still have 57 days to decide but something tells me I will be sure long before then. Thanks for the help

I have a just over 1000 albums linked in Tidal and the same 1000 linked in Qobuz. Once in a while, when I look for an album in Roon, it is not there. I can usually find it in Tidal and/or Qobuz and like, then sync. I guess it’s not really possible that Roon could already have every possible album and version in Tidal and Qobuz already linked in Roon. I don’t know, it that possible?

I figured they were hitting a Tidal API so you were effectively using Tidal with Room as an enhanced skin, so to speak. One that will catalog a local repository and present it in the same UI. Guess you tell I work in digital asset management software development.

I’m fairly certain that’s how the source catalog is working. Then they have some neat codec and transport software running that gets you the lossless streaming to endpoints. Even though I don’t really need Roon, I’m going to subscribe to support a very good group of developers who have managed to reproduce the experience of a vinyl collection, sans the exclusive possession aspect. I’ve been in software dev of these kinds of systems for 20 years, and I can tell you that is.a major accomplishment.

OK. Your fix worked. It’s a bit odd that the Tidal albums now appear as a part of my collection. I would have thought they would appear as Tidal albums. Perhaps one of the techs can answer at a software architecture level what’s happening here. Hopefully it doesn’t infringe on any trade secrets.

Thanks again for the help Jim. You’ve made a Roon believer out of me. And I don’t believe easily. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My local library is an old iTunes repository from the days before ALAC. I like the Roon/Tidal combo. But Tidal doesn’t have some of my old favorites, Peter Gabriel Plays Live as an example. I tried using Amazon Music HD but the way they test bandwidth and kill the stream if there is the slightest network interruption was completely unacceptable. How many times a day can you be expected to force quit the app just to get the stream running again?

Spotify I have but seems a waste of the B&W Formation speakers to use it rather than Tidal/Roon. What options do I have for getting FLAC downloads of albums? I have started re-purchasing CDs, lost in the divorce btw and ripping them in Foobar. I’m not much for physical possessions as I used to be with my music collection. I just thought you might know the best places to purchase lossless sources.

One more thing: Playing back those old low quality encodes I see that if I use DSP I can up sample and if I add Volume Leveling in Zone Settings it actually upscales the bit depth. Any experience using these to improve sources?

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If you search for the Artist, do you see it in the albums section of Tidal, if so add it to library then look at the zversions tab in the Album itself