Song available in Tidal but not in Roon

You certainly know more about how this works than I do. I just know that sometimes they aren’t there and need a little nudge.

How do you do a tidal sync in roon.

Settings - Services - Edit - Sync Library Now

I’ve also noticed The Weeknd’s song “Dark Times” to be missing from his “Beauty Behind The Madness” album. It’s marked “Unavailable” just like Masego’s song mentioned in the original post.

@dylan Could you please update me on the status of this issue? Thanks in advance

Another few song I’ve noticed missing on Roon:

Marvin Gaye’s Medley III and Got To Give It Up from his album Live At The London Palladium.

Is anyone even looking into this? Why is it taking so long?

Hi @Arash — We are continuing to look into this, but I can’t provide any specifics just yet. You have our apologies for the continued trouble.

Hi Dylan

I have a similar problem:
I can listen to the song „Liberty“ from Anette Askvik on Tidal, in Roon the song is not playing, instead of a heart next to the song a :no_entry_sign: is displayed.
I already tried a playlist and manual sync.

Thanks Andreas

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